VW Show

Show and Shine is back for 2014!!!

The VW Show & Shine is an opportunity for proud V-Dub enthusiasts to shine up their campers and bugs, and show them off to the public and each other.
The competition is divided into the following categories:


  • Best Type 1 – Classic Aircooled Beetles
  • Best Type 2 – Classic Aircooled Campers
  • Best Type 4/5 – Watercooled (this encompasses the more modern models)
  • Best Modified Vehicle
  • Best RAT

Each category will be judged by a panel of highly experienced dubbers and YOU!!

Winner of 'Best Rat 2011' - Matt Reynolds

Winner of ‘Best Rat 2011′ – Matt Reynolds

This year you can vote for the best VW by tweeting or facebooking Lifestyles with a picture of your favourite! The one with the most picture votes wins!

Judging will take place on Saturday (12 – 4) and Sunday (9 – 2:30), with awards presented on Sunday after.

Burts Boyz

Show & Shine Entry

For those wishing to take part in the VW Show & Shine entry forms will be available on the day, from Event Marshalls, and will be situated on The Green.

Please be aware of the Rules of the Green….

By entering The Green and participating in Lifestyles Festival, drivers of vehicles understand that the following rules must be followed. Failure to comply with the Rules of the Green may result in vehicles and their drivers being asked to leave the site.
• Vehicles are parked at drivers own risk and Lifestyles Festival accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property whilst parked on The Green
• Lifestyles Festival accepts no responsibility for damage caused to vehicles before or during entry to the The Green
• Camping and barbecues are prohibited on The Green
• Each driver is responsible for their own vehicle and will ensure:

• Their vehicle is mechanically safe and has a valid MOT certificate
• Their vehicle has valid UK insurance policy
• Vehicles are driven around the site in a safe manner and not to exceed 5mph
• Their vehicle is not parked on or across any public footpaths, fire exits or in any area where signage states ‘no parking’
• Their vehicle is parked with the handbrake on and left in gear
• The vehicle pass is clearly visible through the windscreen. Parking tickets may issued if the pass is not displayed
The vehicle has left the The Green at the end of each day by 6pm

• In the spirit of the Festival, drivers are requested to:

• Be vigilant for unattended vehicles which pose potential danger to other vehicle or the public
• Report fluid leaks from other vehicles
• Be mindful of the general public around vehicles and be nice to each other :)