Street Dance

One of the most popular spectacles at Lifestyles, are the Street Dance performers – ranging in age from 8 upwards.

Central to organising the Lifestyles Street Dance free workshops is StreetAlleyz, whose dancers have performed in the United Dance Organisation (UDO) European and International Dance Organisation (IDO) championships.  

IMG_6969bStreet dancers express themselves in a variety of styles, influenced by Disco, Break-dance, Hip-Hop and funk.

Quick moves followed by timed pauses or long poses held in ‘freezes’, is known as ‘Locking‘ and often forms the basis of dance routine choreography, along with ‘Popping‘; the stiffening and then relaxing of muscles to create a flowing illusion of movement.

TPTHNew for 2014! There will be a dance competition held in the Princess Theatre on Sunday 22nd, from 10am until 4pm – come rain or shine, there are prizes to be won!

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