The People

Supporters get together as Chicago's pledge their support - Manager Claire (top centre) holds the Lifestyles deck above the assembed crew including DJ's, videographers, street dancers, skateboarders, iPad developers and Liz! ;)

There are some outstanding people behind lifestyles festival. Here, you can find out a little more about a few of them.

We have asked our crew to write a short bio about themselves, click on the pages to read more.

Steve, Emily and Eleanor Gore-Rowe
Tony ‘Rebelation’ Devenish
Matt ‘In-line’ Alway
Jason ‘Just Jason’ Richardson
Alison ‘Streetdance’ McClatchie
Steven ‘HWS’ Murfet
LingoLiz Pendleton
Lea ‘H&S’ Clark
Pip Martin – aka Piptronic
Robert ‘App’ Shippey
James ‘RifRaf’ Allen
Sarah ‘Momentum’ Coote
Ruddy Muddy
Rob ‘Pod’ Bunting
Stephen ‘Parkour’ Evans
Adam ‘Council’ Garford
Will ‘Sailing Club’ Rockcliffe
Mike ‘Rebel Heart’ Chivers
Emily ‘Arty’ Nichols & Her fella that Chris Bloke….
Charlotte Yeung

These will be linked up as we add more!