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Highline Extreme have stepped up as a headline sponsor!

The up and coming extreme sports company from Downham Market, who make mobile climbing walls, skate parks and high ropes, has just made their online contribution towards the campaign to save Lifestyles 2014. And it is a headline sponsorship of £10,000.

It’s a massive boost and will help secure the festival…BMX

Owner Chris Peach heard about the festival through friend and new sponsor Jason King of New IT, also in Downham Market, and, after seeing the sponsorship pack and crowdfunder campaign, was excited to get on board. In an interview with the EDP, Chris said;

“There are two reasons why we are sponsoring the festival. Firstly, it goes hand in glove with our company and our remit. And, secondly, everything about it works really well for us. It’s the right product, right people, it’s exciting and extreme, and it’s in Norfolk. I’m really excited about it.”

The organising committee are thrilled with the decision from a local sports company to meet such a large contribution to the funding of the event but say that they continue to pursue additional funding.

Having streamlined the donation process through crowdfunder, it is even easier to make donations to the festival which gives both private enterprise and individuals brilliant rewards such as back-stage-passes and VIP access as well as goodies like wristbands, t-shirts stickers and even opportunities to meet the stars.

The headline sponsorship amount is a huge step toward the £20,000 target of the online campaign in only it’s third day live since it was launched at the Supporters Evening.

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