Arts at the Festival

New for 2014 Lifestyles Festival – we will be welcoming local artists who will be demonstrating techniques, and encouraging audience participation in a variety of interactive displays.

IMG_1122Special guests include Filterz from Colour Schemez, who has been writing graffiti for over 15 years and often works with young people by brightening up community spaces with small to large scale murals

Colur Schemez BLACK (stacked)




logo-ruddy-muddyRuddy Muddy (more of his work can be found here), will be also be showcasing stunning work, and offering taster sessions in street art, reverse graffiti and car art.


kite art 1


Participation art – an exciting part of the festival will be an interactive art display where a stunning wave will be created with kite streamers. Everyone is welcome to have a go, to create a unique display.


The images shown are intended as examples of what could be achieved and are used with grateful thanks to the artists and originators