Staying in Hunstanton

Sadly, our camp site at the Recreation Ground is not available for 2014.

Our team of volunteers tried very hard to get the use of the field, but our many and varied attempts were not successful.

There has also been hard work put in to source an alternative location for camping, and we have been supported by Manor Park who have given us HALF PRICE campervan (vw’s and other vans) camping – but alas they can’t take tents. Our other attempts to find a dedicated field or other site have also drawn blanks.

Searles do have a campsite – you can book direct with them – their website is here:

There are plenty of other accommodation providers in Hunstanton – such as the local backpackers hostel and lots of caravans and B&B’s. Have a look at the local tourism info site to find your place to stay:

The last bus back to King’s Lynn from Hunstanton is a Norfolk Green bus service leaving the bus station at around 10.30pm. Check their website for more info: